• Sometimes we need to pass arguments with main () function
  • We can do so by using command-line arguments
  • Command-line argument is the information that is passed with program name while running the program
  • All the arguments, passed to the program are stored inside the String array args[] of the main ()
  • Each arguments is stored at the specific index of the array args[]
  • For example the first argument is stored at args[0], second at args[1], and so on
  • We can accesses specific arguments in the program by its index
  • The following program accepts two arguments for summation
Class commandLineDemo
    Public static void main(String args[]) 
         int x,y;
         System.out.println(“No. of Arguments are:” + args.length);
      if( args.length==2)
          System.out.println(“Sum is:” + (x+y));
         System.out.println(“No. of Arguments are Invalid);