In Simple words, software is a collection of instructions or a set of programs that performs a specific task.

  • Computer software can be divided into two main categories:
  1. Application software
  2. System software

Application Programs:

Application programs are those programs, which performs user specified task. These programs are user oriented. Application programs can be categorized in two ways

  1. Pre-written application programs(Ready made)
  2. User-Written application programs
  1. Pre-written application programs: Pre-written application programs are written by other programmers or a group of programmers for general purpose. Any one can use these ready made programs. MS.Word, Paint, notepad and calculator are some examples of this type of programs.
  2. User-Written application programs: these are the programs which are developed by a group of programmers to fulfill any organization or users requirements. These are the user-oriented programs. Payroll system, Railway reservation system, inventory management system are examples of user-written application programs.

System software:

System software or programs are those programs, which manages and controls the operations of the computer itself. It is system oriented. Operating System, compiler, device driver are the examples of system programs.