• Since India PM has declared official ban on two biggest Indian note of Rs.1000 and Rs.500 for destruction of black money from the midnight of 8th November, 2016 people are trying to exchange their old currency notes with with new one. Those who have large amount of cash are trying to deposit their old currency cash notes to their bank accounts.

ATM with cash

  • People are standing in the bank queue from the early morning for money exchange but the rush for money exchange is so higher that it becomes headache for the people to get money exchanged.
  • Similarly, all ATM are full with crowd just to withdraw the cash deposited by the people. People are suffering everywhere in India just for getting their money so that they can manage their bread and butter.
  • As soon as the ATMs are loaded with money they get empty withing one or two hours as every ATMs having large queues. So people are wondering here and now to find ATMs full loaded with cash.
  • Here, we are making it easy for the people to find out ATMs near by your are that are having cash or loaded with money. To find out working ATMs please click on the following link and you can find list of ATMs fully loaded with cash in your respective area.
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