In today’s age of technology, one major headache to use is how to prevent our data from being affected by viruses.

Sometimes viruses may damage or delete our important data. In such cases we need to recover our precious data affected by the virus attack. Some viruses are dangerous by nature while some may not.

One of such virus is that creates shortcut for the device such as pen drive. This virus puts all your data into the folder and makes it hidden so it doesn’t appear into the file explorer and then creates a shortcut link to that folder.


We are sometimes unable to access data stored inside device affected by the shortcut virus.

In this post I am going to show you how to recover data using various methods in such cases.

Using WinRar:

Follow the steps given bellow:

Step 1: Open winRaR program.

Step 2: move to your drive or pen drive.


Step 3: It will show you your data. Now extract all data to specified location.


Step 4: Format your pen drive. That’s it!

By showing hidden file

Step 1: go to my computer or file explorer

Step 2: Click on folder option inside tools menu. [Tools>Folder Option]

Step 3: Click on View tab

Step 4: Check the radio button that says “Show hidden files & folder” under the Files & folder category.

Step 5: Navigate to your pen drive. There may be a hidden folder with no name. Open it. That’s it!