• A client server architecture is an arrangement of computer in which different computer are connected with a single pc.
  • It is a one type of network.
  • A central PC to whom other computers are connected is known as Server, while all other computers connected with the server are known as Clients.
  • The main responsibility of the client is to send different request to the server.
  • Different request coming from different client are handed over to the server for processing.
  • The responsibility of the server is to accept different request coming from different client and execute that request sequentially.
  • The server executes one request at a time
  • After executing the appropriate request the server sends the result to the appropriate client.
  • The result will be displayed on the client’s screen.
  • Different client are connected to the server with the networking media.
  • It works as a communication medium between the client and the server.
  • Since all the request of different client is processed on the server, it must be configured with the up gradable hardware.
  • The server must be equipped with high processor.
  • The memory capacity of server should also be high as database is stored on the server.