Structure in C++:

  • Structure is a user-defined data type.
  • The format of the structure is known as template and we can create multiple structure variables from template.

Difference between C Structure and C++ Structure:

  • In C structure contains only variable while in C++ structure contains variable as well as function both.
  • In C++ programming the format of structure is as follow:

struct  tag_name
   datatype element1;
   datatype element2;
   return_value   function_name(argument1, argument2, …)
      //function code

  • In C programming language we cannot perform an arithmetic operation (addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, module) on structure variable but in C++ we can perform by using operator overloading.
     c3 = c1 + c2;   // illegal in C but legal in C++ by operator overloading.
  • The variable of structure can be declared by using keyword ‘struct’ and structure tag name in C program.
  • But in C++ we can declare the structure variable by using directly tag name without keyword ‘struct’.
    struct  student s1,s2,s3;  // C technique (with keyword ‘struct’)
    student s1,s2,s3;         // C++ technique (without keyword ‘struct’)
  • In C++ we can also inherit (create one structure from another structure) the structure.
  • In short in C++ programming structure is similar to class but only difference is that by default all the variable and function of class are private while in structure it is public.