The general structure of C++ program can be shown in following diagram.

Structure of C++

  • In C++ program, first section is the include section
  • It contains pre-processor statements to include various header (library) files.
  • After the include section there is class declaration section.
  • In class declaration we are defining class, its member variable and declaration for the member function.
  • Class member function definition section contains the definition of various class member functions.
  • At last there is a main function, which start the execution of program and create the object of class.
  • Generally in C++ program class declaration, class member function definition and main program is written in three separate files.
  • Class declaration file and class member function definition file is included into the main program to link all of them.
  • This structure is known as the client-server architecture.
  • In client-server architecture we have client requests for service to server and server provides service to client.
  • One client can get service from more than one server and similarly one server can provides the service to multiple clients.
  • Same fundamental is used at here. Class is act as server and program acts as client.
  • Main program (Client) can use more than one class (Server) similarly one class (server) can be used for more than one program (client).

client server architecture