• A computer programming started in 1960 with the language ALGOL.
  • The concept of block structure programming was derived from the ALGOL language.
  • It was developed by International Group in 1960.
  • In 1967 martin Richard developed a new language known as BCPL (Basic Combined Programming Language)
  • In 1970 Ken Thompson developed a new language using some features of BCPL.
  • It was known as B language.
  • In 1972 Dennis Ritchie developed a new programming language using combined features of BCPL and B-language.
  • All previous languages were type less programming languages.
  • This new language introduced concept of data types.
  • Eventually this language became most popular among the programmers.
  • Dennis Ritchie and Kerninghem wrote a book “The C Programming Language”.
  • With the release of this book it became more popular.
  • In1978 modify version of C language was introduced known as K & RC-Language.
  • In 1989 the American National Standard Institute defined standards about the C language so, it was known as ANSI C.
  • In 1990 International Standard Organization also accepted C language as a standard programming language so it was also known as C-99.

History Chart

Year Language Progress Developed / Approved By
1960 ALGOL International Group
1967 BCPL Martin Richard
1970 B-Language Ken Thompson
1972 Traditional C Dennis Ritchie
1978 K& R C Kerninghem& Dennis Ritchie
1989 ANSI C Approved by ANSI Committee
1990 ANSI/ISO-C Approved by ISO