• Algorithm” word is derived from the Persian mathematician Abu zafaribne Muhammad musaal-khwarismi, who introduce the concept of algorithm.
  • He introduced a sequential format for the instruction to perform a specific task.
  • This concept to solve a problem was given a name Al-khwarism.
  • By the time it was known as algorithm.
  • In simple term “An algorithm is a sequential set of instruction to perform a specific task”.
  • An algorithm is a sequential set of instructions that accepts some input and process them to produce some kind of output in a finite number of steps.

Steps of algorithm:

  • Each algorithm has the following components.
  1. Input
  2. Process
  3. Output

Characteristics of Algorithm:

[1] Input:

  • Each algorithm accepts some input from the outer world.
  • Input is required to perform the operation.
  • It should receive at least a single input.

[2] Output:

  • An algorithm must generate at-least a single output after the completion of process.
  • Output may be in a different format such as report, massage notification etc.

[3] Finiteness:

  • An algorithm must complete specified task in a finite number of steps.
  • After completing algorithm steps, It should produce some output.
  • Steps of algorithm should not be infinite.

[4] Definiteness:

  • Steps of algorithm should be clear.
  • It should not contain any ambiguity.

[5] Effectiveness:

  • An algorithm should be effective in a solving a particular problem.

It should perform the solution effectively in terms of time, space and accuracy.